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Technical Support

Technical Support

If you don’t have the  link or the  link isn’t working:

  • Send a chat to your teacher/s
  • If no reply within a few minutes, check your email to see if teacher has been in touch
  • If no email from your teacher/s (and still no response to chat), send the teacher/s an email explaining the issue

If you're having computer/internet problems:

  • Try a backup way to get to class (Teams App on your phone, from browser on another computer –
  • If you still can’t get to class, send a chat to your teacher/s letting them know
  • If you are having a problem you don’t know how to fix, contact Parker Tech Support for help at: Click this icon  on your desktop , email, or call 978-772-3293 (option 5)

If there is a system-wide problem/outage across multiple classes/Teams:

  • We will use the school-wide “robo-call” to inform students and families and send an email to families as soon as we know of the issue
  • Check your email for instructions from your teacher/s for your specific class

If the students are in class, but the teacher is not due to tech problems:

  • Check for chat/Channel communications from teacher
  • If no chat/Channel post, check email for communication from teacher
  • If no adult comes within 5 minutes and there is no chat/email from teacher, notify Monique Beganski by emailing or calling 978-772-3293 x112

Our internet at home is unreliable. What should we do?

If you are experiencing unreliable internet access or find that internet cost/issues are interfering with your student’s ability to access class/learning resources, PLEASE reach out to us by completing this form so that we can work with you to solve this issue.  We are committed to making sure all our families have reliable internet access and have several solutions we can speak with you about.  The starting point is this form.

I know students are using OneNote and Teams this year. What is the difference between them and what can I access as a parent?

Please refer to this graphic for an explanation of the difference between OneNote and Teams.  As a parent, you received links to relevant OneNote pages for your student so you can see course agendas/homework, major assignments, and completed rubrics for your student (search for an email dated 10/12/20 for these links).  As a parent/guardian, you cannot directly access Teams, but you can ask your student to show it to you!

As a parent/guardian, what is the best way for me to join a Teams meeting for PLPs, evening events, meetings, or other remote activities for parents/guardians?

One can always join a Teams meeting via a browser, but we have found that downloading the free App to your device (computer or phone) leads to a better experience and fuller functionality of the software.  This document gives step-by-step instructions to download the software.  If you do not want to download the software, you can use a browser.  If it does not work, try a different browser (for Mac users, note that Safari doesn’t always work well.)  Some parents also join on their student’s Parker laptop, where the software already exists, and this is also a fine choice.

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