missing/broken link

If you don’t have the  link or the  link isn’t working:

  • Send a chat to your teacher/s
  • If no reply within a few minutes, check your email to see if teacher has been in touch
  • If no email from your teacher/s (and still no response to chat), send the teacher/s an email explaining the issue

If you're having computer/internet problems:

  • Try a backup way to get to class (Teams App on your phone, from browser on another computer – portal.office.com)
  • If you still can’t get to class, send a chat to your teacher/s letting them know
  • If you are having a problem you don’t know how to fix, contact Parker Tech Support for help:
    Click this iconHelpDeskIcon.png on your desktop, email helpdesk@theparkerschool.org, or call 978-772-3293 (option 5)

system-wide problem

If there is a system-wide problem/outage across multiple classes/Teams:

  • We will use the school-wide “robo-call” to inform students and families and send an email to families as soon as we know of the issue
  • Check your email for instructions from your teacher/s for your specific class

Teacher Tech Problems

If the students are in class, but the teacher is not due to tech problems:

  • Check for chat/Channel communications from teacher
  • If no chat/Channel post, check email for communication from teacher
  • If no adult comes within 5 minutes and there is no chat/email from teacher, notify Monique Beganski by emailing mbeganski@theparkerschool.org or calling 978-772-3293 x112