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Home-School Communication Resources and FAQs

Home-School Communication Resources and FAQs

Parker will communicate with parents/guardians in several ways this year.  Some of these communications are long-standing Parker practice, and some of them are newly developed for this year.  The descriptions below give you an overview of the various ways we will be in touch with you.

Friday Announcements

  • What it is: A weekly email that comes out on Fridays.  It includes important school information we want to emphasize for the upcoming week, as well as links to the school website/news sections.
  • How we will use it: This is a listserv email to communicate information of interest to the wider community about upcoming events, notifications, etc.
  • How you can access it: Email is sent each Friday with links to, which is always available!

Weekly Status Update, aka: Red, Yellow, Green (RYG)

  • What it is: A weekly email that comes out on Tuesdays and which provides students, advisors, and families with an informal, easy-to-understand weekly snapshot about student engagement with the major tasks in the past week’s class.
  • How we will use it: Please access these two resources to learn more about the RYG.
  • How you can access it: This is an email customized for your student that will be sent from an account called It will go to your email each Tuesday.


  • What it is: OneNote is a "binder" of electronic materials that students access on a regular basis for class.  Parents/guardians will be provided with links to specific sections of the OneNote, which will allow them to access major class materials and homework/assignments (in the "Content Library") as well as their own student's rubrics (in the "Assessments" section).
  • How we will use it: Parents/guardians can access the Agenda page in the OneNote Content Library to see assignments that students have.  They can access their student's Assessment folder to review rubrics from completed projects, as desired.
  • How you can access it: Personalized links to the OneNote will be shared via email no later than the week of October 12.  Once this email is sent, you can save/bookmark your links for access anytime.

Academic Portal

  • What it is: The Portal is an app/website that allows parents/guardians to view details about student attendance, schedule, assignment completion, etc., as well as quarterly progress reports.  Returning families should already have access to their account.  New families will receive emails with access information in the next week or so.
  • How we will use it: We are de-emphasizing our use of the Portal this year as a weekly parent/guardian communication tool.  Instead, the RYG will be used to give a weekly status update.  Parents can see homework assignments in the OneNote Agenda link.  The Portal will only be used this year to share attendance, major assessments, and quarterly progress reports.
  • How you can access it: The Portal can be accessed from the Parker website.  Click here to view information on how to access your Portal account.

Teams (and Assignments)

  • What it is: Teams is your student's "classroom" this year.  Within Teams, there is an Assignments tab, which is where your student receives all his/her class, nightly, and long-term assignments.  As a parent, you cannot directly access this tool, but you can ask your student to show it to you.
  • How we will use it: The Assignments section of Teams functionally serves as your student's to-do list.  If you wish to support your student in managing asynchronous tasks, you will need to get to Teams with your student.
  • How you can access it: As a parent/guardian, you cannot directly access it.  You will have to ask your student to show you this level of detail.   However, on the OneNote page you do have access to, you can see a reference to the major tasks students are asked to complete.
Can I email teachers/advisors directly?

Yes, we hope you will reach out to teachers/advisors directly!  Here is a link to a page with all the teacher emails.  Please contact teachers/advisors at any time with information you want to share or questions you have about your child.  You can expect a reply within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

How should I report an absence (or late arrival/early dismissal)? Does it matter if it is a planned absence or an unexpected sick day?

Parker is using the same attendance procedures as prior years for calling students out sick or otherwise notifying us of planned or unexpected absences, tardies or early dismissals.  Please be sure to leave a message on the attendance line BEFORE 9:00 AM [978-772-3293, ext. 1]. A parent or guardian must call (students cannot call themselves out or late until they are age 18). Be sure to leave student name and reason for absence.  Going on a trip, extending a school break, or observing a religious holiday? Remember to contact the Front Office and let them know when your student(s) will be absent.  

IMPORTANT: You must contact the Front Office even if you have let the teachers know. 

The attendance line is available 24 hours a day:
978-772-3293 ext. 1

I know students are using OneNote and Teams this year. What is the difference between them and what can I access as a parent?

Please refer to this graphic for an explanation of the difference between OneNote and Teams.  As a parent, you received links to relevant OneNote pages for your student so you can see course agendas/homework, major assignments, and completed rubrics for your student (search for an email dated 10/12/20 for these links).  As a parent/guardian, you cannot directly access Teams, but you can ask your student to show it to you!

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