2020-2021 School Year FAQs

How will Parker communicate with us this summer?

In a typical year, Parker does not establish a regular summer communication schedule with families.  However, given the uncertainties about next fall and the continually evolving situation relative to public health and schooling plans for next year, it is our intention to email our Parker families once a week throughout the summer.  Rather than pepper you with small bits of information at random intervals, our plan is to send an email each Wednesday to enrolled families with updates on what is (or is not yet) known about school for the fall.  If pressing or timely information needs to be communicated, we will, of course, send this as called for.  We will also use this weekly email to keep you up to date on typical summer details, such a summer reading and summer paperwork.  We also have a section of the website dedicated to summer paperwork and FAQs about next year (you are on that page right now!), which we will update as we have new information.

When will Parker know more about what the Fall 2020 school semester will look like?

We are actively working through the summer on options and plans for next year.  Right now, our work ranges from pre-ordering PPE supplies to measuring each room to determine how many students can safely fit at 6’ distances from each other.  School leadership, facilities and student services staff, and a committee of faculty working on school options for next year will all meet throughout July to draft initial plans, which we will release once we have them.  Then, in early August, we anticipate finalizing options, after seeking community feedback. 

What voice will families have on school plans for next year?

DESE is requiring all schools to create plans for three schooling options: in person (socially distanced); blended (some in person and some remote learning); fully remote.  We will share information about these three plans via this website as we have that information, which is likely to be in late July.  It is our intention to request family input and feedback on these plans once we have drafts available.  To the extent that there will be choices for students and families to make, we will be asking you to respond to surveys/questions to indicate preferences/needs.  Until then, if you have information you would like to share with us, you can email homelearning@theparkerschool.org.   

When will Division 3 students sign up for fall classes?

We anticipate having students register for their fall classes in the third week of August, and we will contact relevant students/families via email when it is time for that step!

What will a Remote Plus day look like?

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