Hybrid FAQs

We have tried to answer as many questions as we can about our on-campus days. We will continue to add information as needed.

Link to https://www.theparkerschool.org/2020-2021/hybrid-faqs
Academic Program Resources & FAQs

These Answers are written to students as much as possible, so "you" means the student!

Link to https://www.theparkerschool.org/2020-2021/academic-program-resources-and-faqs
Communication Resources & FAQs

Parker will communicate with parents/guardians in several ways this year.

Link to https://www.theparkerschool.org/2020-2021/home-school-communication-resources-and-faqs

Where students learn the value of good health, collaborative fun, and building relationships.

Link to https://www.theparkerschool.org/students-parents/athletics/general-information
Technical Support

Missing/broken links, computer/Internet issues, systems issues, etc.

Link to https://www.theparkerschool.org/2020-2021/technical-support
Wednesday Flex Activity Hub

Find the week-by-week offering of Wednesday Flex activities and clubs.

Link to https://www.theparkerschool.org/download_file/force/505/806
Health & Safety Information

It's not just about getting it done; it's also about what we're trying to do.

Link to https://www.theparkerschool.org/2020-2021/health-and-safety-information